Marloes Schrijvers


Marloes Schrijvers works as a postdoctoral researcher at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam on the project Zin in Lezen, or ‘Desire to read’. The project is focused on reading and writing motivation and literacy skills in the early grades of primary education. Teachers engage in a professionalization trajectory to learn how they can integrate literacy skills, reading comprehension, vocabulary and motivation in a meaningful way in their classrooms. A large-scale quasi-experimental cohort study focuses on students’ learning gains, while the qualitative part of the project aims to illuminate the interaction between teachers and students during literacy activities.

Marloes holds a bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences (cum laude), a master’s degree in Children’s Literature (cum laude), and a master’s degree as a teacher of Dutch language and literature (cum laude). After her studies, she worked as a PhD candidate at the University of Amsterdam (2014-2018). She investigated the effects of a dialogic approach to literature teaching on upper secondary education students’ insight into human nature and motivation for literature education. During her PhD, she worked for two months at Stanford University as a visiting scholar.

In addition to her research at the VU, Marloes works one evening a week as a teacher at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. She teaches writing skills and pragma- and sociolinguistics within the teacher training program for Dutch language and literature. She is also an editor for the open access journal L1 Educational studies in language and literature. Feel free to connect via LinkedIn for an overview of Marloes’ publications: