Claire Goriot

claireClaire Goriot is interested in the effects of intended and unintended classroom processes, and how these may benefit pupils’ wellbeing and academic development. She is especially interested in how teachers handle different languages in the classroom, whether that language is the home language of (part of) the pupils, or a foreign language.

Claire has a bachelor in Educational Sciences (cum laude), and a research master in Behavioural Science, which she both obtained at Radboud University Nijmegen. Her PhD project (carried out at the Centre for Language Studies of Radboud University) focused on early-English education: a type of education in which Dutch schools provide weekly English lessons from kindergarten onwards. Claire’s  projected concerned the effects of early-English education on pupils’ cognitive and linguistic development.

Currently, Claire is a researcher at the department of Educational Sciences of the VU. She is involved in two projects. The first one concerns the question whether dialogic classroom talks in kindergarten can positively influence pupils’ linguistic, cognitive, and social development. The second project investigates the interaction between tutors and students during university lectures.