Chiel van der Veen

profielfoto02Chiel van der Veen is interested in how language is used in collaborative knowledge building. He holds a Bachelor’s degree (BSc) in primary teacher education and a Master’s degree (MSc) in Theory and Research in Education (cum laude).

In 2012, he started is PhD on the effect of dialogic classroom talk on the promotion of oral communicative abilities in children in early childhood education within the department of educational sciences, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. During his PhD, Chiel was appointed as visiting scholar at Clark University, dept. of Education with prof. Sarah Michaels.

Since July 2017, Chiel is assistant professor (tenured) in the department of Educational Sciences. He is PI of a study on the effect of mind mapping in early childhood classroom, co-promotor of a PhD-project on the relation between oral communicative competence and social acceptance, co-promotor of a PhD project on professionalization of early childhood teachers’ in guiding play based activities, and co-founder of ICE-lab. Visit Chiel’s website for more information on his research and publications: