anneAnne de la Croix has two professional interests: communication and education, which is strongly reflected by her biography. She studied Dutch and Linguistics at the University of Amsterdam (MA degree), before training to become a teacher and educationalist at the VU  (MEd degree). She taught language, organised the school theatre and became social skills trainer at secondary school Damstede in Amsterdam.

In 2006, she moved to the UK where she obtained her PhD by studying how communication skills are taught to medical students. She taught communication skills and medical psychology at the Medical School at the University of Birmingham during her years as PhD student. After her time in England, Anne returned to the Netherlands where she worked at Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, as a teacher and educational developer at the medical school. She obtained both her BKO (basis teaching qualification) and SKO (senior teaching qualification) here.

Since 2014, Anne is assistant professor at the LEARN! Academy of the Vrije Universiteit, where she divides her time between teaching (in qualitative and mixed methods), teacher training (BKO and SKO), and research.  One day a week, she is based at Research in Education at VUmc School of Medical Sciences. Her research focuses on interactions in (medical) education. She is interested in the conversational floor: who takes turns in conversation, how is this negotiated, are there dominant conversational partners, what role does silence play in conversations, how can educators stimulate equal participation in conversations.

She started ICE lab in 2018 and is also part of EXQUISITE, European center for Excellence in QUalitative Inquiry and Study In Teaching and Education (for health). For Anne’s publications, click here.