nICE news

Language Awareness Conference in Amsterdam this July

ICE-lab members Anna Kaal, Sebastiaan Dönszelman and Anne de la Croix are organizers of this year’s ALA (Association of Language Awareness) conference. The conference theme is ‘towards language aware citizenship’ and the event will address a wide array of topics, all with a common theme: language and interaction. Attention will be given to language and education, both in the plenary sessions, the workshops, the papers and the posters. For more information, please see the conference website.

Comenius teaching fellow for an ICE-lab collaboration

The first ICE-lab collaboration has been succesful! Chiel van der Veen obtained a Comenius Teaching fellow grant, with Anne de la Croix and Agnes Willemen. They will spend 18 months on the project ‘Give voice to every student! Creating equal opportunities in dialogic conversations?’. This project focuses on supporting junior teachers in utilizing diversity within the student population through classroom discussions.